City Place – Fort Worth, TX

TBG provided urban design services as well as master plan coordination to successfully transform the former Tandy Center into Fort Worth’s City Place development as part of the largest mixed-use redevelopment project in downtown Fort Worth. The success of the redevelopment has revitalized the environment around the two existing towers, adding to the vibrancy of the downtown urban core and enhancing the lease potential of both One City Place and Two City Place.


The project presented unique challenges as well as opportunities, including a significant logistical challenge: facilitating a renovation of the property’s on-structure areas, including those extending out into the street. Existing documents were not available and there were pertinent technical requirements to assess the depth of the below-grade structure as well as the load-bearing capabilities to support proposed new landscape and hardscape improvements.


One of the project’s great successes was convincing city officials not to cut through Second Street, but rather to convert it to a pedestrian mews, which has resulted in a much more inviting urban setting. The project was honored with a 2015 Downtown Fort Worth Trailblazer Award. 

One of the project’s great successes was convincing city officials not to cut through Second Street, but rather to convert it to a pedestrian mews, which has resulted in a much more inviting urban setting. 

The entire plaza is on structure and coordination prior to and during construction was extremely important to ensure the design intent was met.

 There is an LED light approximately every 2” on the inside of the light box to ensure even light distribution.

A clean and contemporary urban aesthetic provides a sophisticated sense of place. 

The urban setting is an ideal place to unwind and get lost in a moment. 


A place where…

  • A former hub of activity has been reimagined for contemporary living
  • People find refuge and tranquility amid bustling urban environs
  • The stresses of a busy day melt away
  • Citizens and visitors from all walks of life find common ground

City Place - Fort Worth, Texas

TBG designed the development’s streetscape and retail frontage along Throckmorton in addition to creating an urban plaza and motor court. The streetscape design includes a more formal hardscape and planting scheme to tie the area into the rest of downtown Fort Worth, while the urban plaza articulates a motif of organic, oval forms. The overall effort helped revitalize a key portion of the downtown urban core and enhanced the lease market viability of One City Place and Two City Place. 

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Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas – Austin, Texas

The world’s first LEED Platinum medical facility and first LEED for Healthcare Platinum project, Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas emphasizes the restorative powers of nature through sustainable design that includes innovative healing spaces. An interior courtyard features themed environments reflecting the biodiversity of Central Texas via plant species representing the six ecoregions within the hospital’s 46-county service area.

Defined by passive and active spaces, a 3-acre healing garden includes a labyrinth, human sundial, butterfly garden, floating granite ball fountain, reflecting pond, fish pond incorporating recycled glass and multimedia movie plaza.


Expansion efforts included a third bed tower that was completed in the summer of 2013; TBG played an integral role in this effort, which included renovations to the healing garden and a new entry into the garden from the two southernmost towers, a memorial plaza with integrated donor naming opportunities for fundraising, and adaptation of the pond to include aquatic plants and organisms.

The colorful human sundial utilizes the user’s shadow to indicate the correct time and teaches an important lesson about how the sun’s position in the sky relates to the earth’s rotation. 

The healing garden allows patients to escape the often sterile and confining feeling associated with spending many hours in a hospital bed. 

The pond is a key organizing element of the 3-acre healing garden and provides a habitat for aquatic plants and fish. 

The overall garden setting accommodates a wide variety of therapeutic functions ranging from passive recreation to more interactive and engaging recreational opportunities. 

Project Team: Jaime Vickrey, Jeff Raudabaugh, Brittany Andrews, Kelli Taylor and Justin Lindabury


A place where…

  • Gardens facilitate healing
  • Patients celebrate victories
  • Caregivers find respite
  • Families reconnect outdoors
  • The landscape plays an integral therapeutic role

Dell Children's Medical Center - Austin, Texas

TBG played a key role in Dell Children’s expansion by including a new healing garden, a memorial plaza with integrated donor naming opportunities for fundraising, and new entry landscape into the healing garden from the hospital.

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Luci and Ian Family Garden – Austin, TX

A Pilot Project for the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES), the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center’s Luci and Ian Family Garden is a multifaceted educational play environment for children as well as an outdoor laboratory for testing sustainable development techniques.


Located on 4.5 acres of woodland and meadow in south Austin, the garden features more than a dozen interactive and educational features forged from native materials, providing hands-on learning opportunities with valuable lessons in biology, ecology, botany, hydrology, geology and related sciences.


Primary project goals included minimizing site disturbance and reusing on-site materials, testing and demonstrating innovative water use strategies, and providing a safe and immersive natural environment for children to interact and learn. 

The Hill Country Grotto is one of the garden’s most popular features.

This whimsical play environment articulates numerous educational principles in biology, ecology, botany, hydrology, geology and related sciences. 

Grapevines sourced from the project site were woven together to create giant birds’ nests, demonstrating how birds create habitat in nature.

 Unstructured play in natural environments provides myriad benefits for children and is an important component of their growth and development. 

Centrally located, the garden incorporates a series of immersive natural features, whimsical play areas, outdoor classrooms and gardens with safe, interactive and educational play features. 

Walls inside the grotto cave are adorned with Texas-inspired pictographs.

Project Team: Julie Gossage, Keely Rizzato, Brian Ott, Ronnie Stafford and Charlotte Tonsor. 


A place where…

  • Children learn through-hands on play
  • Experts test sustainable techniques
  • Native plants express a regional vernacular
  • Education and science come to life

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Luci and Ian Family Garden - Austin, Texas

TBG implemented a master plan rooted in education, sustainability and native plants for this 4.5-acre garden while adhering to ever-evolving SITES criteria to obtain certification as a Pilot Project.  

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Cinco Ranch Southwest – Katy, Texas

One of the nation’s fastest-growing master-planned communities, Cinco Ranch Southwest is a multifaceted residential development outside Houston.


A pedestrian-oriented design integrates extensive trails around a central lake, providing exceptional connectivity, and amenities include a popular recreation center, the LEED Silver-certified Lake House, and a water park and pool complex. 

Cinco Ranch is one of the nation’s top-selling master-planned communities.

Wetland plants provide natural filtration for the development’s detention ponds and waterways as well as aesthetic appeal.

An extensive trail system connects neighborhoods and provides scenic walking, jogging and cycling opportunities. 

Children delight in the community’s abundance of naturalistic recreation opportunities. 

Families enjoy the abundance of convenient recreational opportunities. 

Project Team: David Stuart, Justin Lindabury, Jason Nobbe, Chris Jackson, Tom Afflerbach, John Farrer, Katie Robillard and Tom Cox


  • 2,018-acre master-planned community in Katy, Texas
  • The Lake House includes a rainwater-harvesting system with a 5,000-gallon cistern and large bioswale that provide irrigation for the surrounding landscape
  • The water park and pool complex use saline water, rather than chlorine or traditional chemicals, benefitting pool users and the environment
  • This top-selling community includes a pedestrian-oriented design and numerous amenities
  • Network of greenbelt trails connects community components

Cinco Ranch Southwest - Katy, Texas

A pedestrian-oriented design integrates extensive trails around a central lake, providing exceptional connectivity to a variety of community amenities. 

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